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You can find packages I have built for for Arch Linux here. You may either browse and download the packages and signatures manually, or add the repo to your /etc/pacman.conf.

All packages here are free software except for the minecraft-launcher and minecraft-server packages.


Some packages are built with modifications to their PKGBUILD and/or other files, or different-than-default configuration options (click to see patches for that package):

Ungoogled Chromium now ships with Ozone by default:

All other packages are built with their default state after fetching from the AUR.


x86_64 packages:

Old, known-working Wine packages:

Add to pacman

Add the following snippet to your /etc/pacman.conf:

Server =$arch

You will need to add my GPG keys to your pacman keyring and trust them:

$ curl -O "" -O ""
$ sudo -s
# pacman-key -a builder.asc srht.asc
# pacman-key --edit-key 1C52FC395F059E60180BB53BCD9097F0E64296BB

Then trust the key, save, and exit. Do the same for B46B326273E4A1D21AAA3F6F529AC10050BD24EF. Now you can pacman -Syu and get some packages.

Contact me

About this repo/any hosted packages: / B46B 3262 73E4 A1D2 1AAA 3F6F 529A C100 50BD 24EF

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