Krath's builds

All packages hosted here are free software. Most packages hosted here were built on my home server with krack, a continuous automated build system I wrote for Arch Linux. Rebuilds occur once approximately every two days.

See the exact /etc/makepkg.conf used to build all packages here.


Please note all packages built after 1/10/2023 are built with -march=x86-64-v3.[]

Check if your system supports this:

$ /lib/ --help
If this line is in the output, your machine can use these packages:
x86-64-v3 (supported, searched)


Some packages are built with additional modifications to their PKGBUILD and/or other files, or different-than-default configuration options (click to see patches for that package):

Ungoogled Chromium now ships with Ozone by default:

The redshift package in the default Arch repos now has geoclue as an optional dependency.

All other packages are built with their default state after fetching from the AUR.


x86_64 packages:

Add to pacman

First add the following snippet to /etc/pacman.conf:

Server =$arch

Then make and install the krathalans-keyring package:

$ git clone
$ cd pkgbuilds/krathalans-keyring/
$ makepkg -i

Now pacman -Syu and get some packages.

Contact me

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